Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Harry and Louise

In our final class, the focus will be on how issues related to access to health care impact emergency medicine. While we will not be able to go too deep into the political forces involved in this issue (they are many and strong), we DO need to keep in mind that they are out there and that we have the opportunity, if not the obligation, to speak out on behalf of our patients and for the sake of medicine itself. That's why I posted this week's challenge.

Back when the first Clinton administration was trying to reform health care, there was a series of commercials aimed at blocking the first lady's efforts. The commercials starred Harry and Louise. They were touchstones for the movement against "socialized" health care. View these ads and you will understand why vignettes (even poorly acted ones) hit home better than numbers.

What would you tell Harry and Louise? Fast-forward several election cycles, and it seems they are singing a new tune.

Is health care at the top of this president's agenda? Is everyone at the table?

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